"Impossible to predict something like this"

The VRT's weather presenter Frank Deboosere has responded to questions after the Pukkelpop tragedy: could this have been avoided with a more detailed weather forecast? The answer is no, according to Mr Deboosere: "We're talking about a very local weather storm. The impact can be different just a couple of miles further."

One day after the Pukkelpop tragedy, when 5 festival-goers were killed during a weather storm, many are asking the question whether weather forecasters couldn't have seen this coming. Did organisers take into account the weather forecast, and did they take enough precautions?

"We knew that there was a weather storm coming. The Met Office had put the alert phase on orange", Frank Deboosere explains. "This means that we expect heavy thunder storms, together with torrential rain, hail and strong winds. This also implies that the storm can cause damage to trees and buildings, and that floods are possible."

However, these storms are also very local. The one-million-dollar questions is: can you finetune this? Frank Deboosere says no. "Some places were extremely hit, while other places nearby did not have to cope with a lot of rain. The effect is different every kilometre. We can't predict this in so much detail."

"We have also seen weather storms like this in the past. The only thing we can do, is to warn the people. I am afraid that we cannot predict everything in detail, and that we just have to take it as it comes."