Did Belgian grow record super tomato?

Jean-Pol Vandormael is an amateur horticulturalist from Linter in Flemish Brabant and has succeeded in growing a tomato that weighs 1 kilo 123 grams.

Jean-Pol grew his tomato in his greenhouse that measures 3 metres by 6. The tomato was grown on one of fifty plants kept in the greenhouse, but he concedes that he devoted special attention to this tomato plant.

Jean-Pol bought the plant from a friend. It's a special variety that grows a bigger crop, but Jean-Pol had not expected one of his tomatoes to grow this big.

Jean-Pol's secret is pruning and an awful lot of watering.

It's unclear whether the 1.123 kilos is a Belgian or even a world record. The tomato will never win any prizes at any shows. Last week Jean-Pol cut up the vegetable and divided it among several jars that he's keeping for the winter.