Most foreign nationals hail from the EU

A tenth of the Belgian population today consists of foreign nationals. New figures from Eurostat, the statistics agency of the European Union, show that over a million foreign nationals reside in the country.

The total population of Belgium is 10.8 million people. 9.7% are foreign nationals.

Italians form the largest group: 165,000. They are followed by French nationals (140,000) and Dutch people (130,000). There are also 80,000 Moroccans in Belgium and 45,000 Spaniards.

With over a million foreign nationals in Belgium, the share of the population of Belgium that holds a foreign passport is above the EU average. Two thirds of all foreign nationals in Belgium hail from other EU countries. Elsewhere their share of the population that holds a non-EU passport is higher.

Across the EU 32.5 million people reside in a foreign country. That's 6.5% of the population. 20.2 million people hail from outside the EU.

Luxembourg accommodates the highest share of foreign nationals: 43%. It is followed by Latvia, Estonia and Cyprus. In absolute figures core EU nations like Germany, Spain, the UK, Italy and France have the highest number of foreign nationals.