Car crashes into school children in Antwerp

In the Antwerp district of Borgerhout a car crashed into a group of school children on Tuesday morning. A 49-year-old woman teacher and one of the school children are fighting for their life in the Erasmus Hospital. Three other children sustained light injuries.

The first year pupils of a Borgerhout primary school were on their way to the swimming pool when the accident happened. The crash occurred when the driver turned into the Binnensingel from the Plantin en Moretuslei. One of the teachers says that the driver ignored a light at red.

The 57-year-old driver and his passenger are both in a state of shock. The driver was breathalysed, but the test proved negative. He had not been drinking.

He has had his licence withdrawn though. The police say that he is not in any condition to drive. The driver has a medical affliction that means he shouldn't take place behind the wheel.

It is understood that because of problems with his leg the driver stepped on the gas instead of braking.