Action plan against urban crime

The Justice Minister in Belgium’s caretaker government Stefaan De Clerck (Flemish Christian democrat) has come up with a series of proposals that he believes will held deal with urban crime more quickly and effectively. Details of Mr De Clerck’s action plan are published in Thursday’s edition of the daily ‘De Standaard’.

One of Mr De Clerck’s most noteworthy proposals is the idea of granting Mayors greater powers to act against trouble makers, by for example placing them under preventative house arrest.

This practice has already been tried in Antwerp and the Justice Minister would now like to extend it to other cities.

Mr De Clerck told the paper that society is sick to the back teeth of the impunity with which some criminals seems to be able to operate.

"The possibility should exist to not only prosecute and convict, but also to issue preventative curfews under electronic supervision to those that cause problems.”

Under Mr De Clerck’s proposal, local Mayors and attorneys would have the right to take such measures.

The action plan contains a total of 7 proposals. These include the introduction of summary judgement courts.

The Justice Minister says that to make his proposals work, Mayors need to work more closely with chiefs of police and attorneys.