"The king is not considering abdicating the throne"

"Like many Belgians, King Albert is fed up with the political crisis." This was said by Pierre-Yves Monette, the former advisor to the king, on the French-speaking commercial TV channel RTL-TVi. "After 500 days, the king has had enough." However, this does not imply that he would abdicate, Mr Monette adds.

Pierre-Yves Monette compared the present period to political crises in the seventies and eighties. "King Boudewijn was also fed up with the political stalemates at that time. That's a public secret. However, he was not fed up with being the king of the Belgians. He was only sad to see his country struggling and failing to find stability."

"And like so many compatriots, King Albert finds that it's been enough after almost 500 days of talks and discussions. However, you make a clear distinction between "being fed up with the crisis" and "considering abdicating." As far as I can see, the king has no intention whatsoever of leaving his throne."