Bumper year for Belgian moles

Many of you will already have noticed it in your gardens, but 2011 has been a year with excellent conditions for moles. Moles thrived during the warm spring and the wet summer provided plenty of worms, the delicatessen par excellence if you are a mole.

It's not surprising that Belgian moles have been burrowing away under your garden with even more gusto this year!

Belgium's mole population continues to grow. Moles have few natural enemies in this country and the birds of prey and foxes that there are, are in such low numbers that they are unable to keep the advance of the mole at bay.

Many Belgian moles have already started building their burrows. This is a lot earlier than usual. Mole catcher Luc Belmans told VRT News: "In summer moles wander around, but they are really very territorial animals. In the autumn they establish themselves in an area covering around 400 square metres. It is here that they dig their burrows and excess earth is pushed to the surface. They are strikingly early this year!"