XL cremator unit for XL people

The new crematorium planned in Zemst outside Brussels will have a special cremator unit for people who weigh a little more than average. In addition to the two normal sized cremator units a third bigger one is planned to accommodate "bigger people".

The authorities that are building the new crematory say that the extra-large cremator unit is needed to take account of the increasing number of people who have put on more weight than they probably should.

Not only the cremator unit will be bigger a bigger hall too is planned because more and more relatives want to witness the moment when their relative's coffin is placed in the unit. Architects have been asked to take account of this requirement too.

There will also be a special room where people can say their last good-byes. In this way relatives will be able to stay with their deceased loved one from the moment that the coffin arrives at the crematory until it is placed in the crematory unit.

The new crematorium should be operational by 2014.