41% feel unsafe in metro stations

A survey carried out by the consumers’ association Test-Aankoop has found that 41% of passengers don’t feel safe in Brussels’ metro station after 7pm. Test-Aankoop questioned 3,300 passengers of the Brussels public transport company MIVB, the Flemish public transport company De Lijn and the Walloon public transport company TEC.

In Brussels, punctuality and security were the main concerns expressed by those questioned. Four out of ten MIVB customers said that they don’t feel safe while waiting for the metro in the evening.

Meanwhile, the capital’s bus passengers complained about the punctuality of bus services and the lack of seating inside busses.

However, most customers were sastified with the service information provided by MIVB and the level of fares charged by the Brussels public transport company.

Almost a third of those using public transport in Brussels don’t feel safe on the capital’s trams, busses and metro services after 7pm.

This compares to 20% of passengers using services operated by the Walloon public transport company TEC and 12% of passengers that use the busses and trams operated by the Flemish public transport company De Lijn.

MIVB most punctual

The Brussels metro scores best when it comes to punctuality. Buses and trams have a tendency to get stuck in the traffic.

The Brussels public transport company MIVB scores best in the punctuality stakes. 30% of its passengers complain of services being late, compared to 35% of De Lijn’s customers and 38% of customers of TEC.

Too much noise, too few seats

As regards passenger comfort, MIVB scores much worse than De Lijn and TEC.

Passenger complain of a lack of seating and excess noise level inside the company’s vehicles.

Overall, the Flemish public transport company scored the best with a customer satisfaction level of 70 out of 100. MIVB came bottom with 66 points.

TEC customers gave it 67 points out of 100.