Dozens of complaints about Google Street View

The privacy commission has received dozens of complaints from Belgians about Google Street View. Google Street View allows users to take a virtual tour of the streets of the towns and city of various countries, including the UK parts of the United States, The Netherlands and since Wednesday, Belgium.

The complaints come from people that want their house to be obscured on the site or those that say that they are recognisable on it.

Normally, Google obscures the faces of people that appear in its Street View photographs. Similarly, car number plates are also obscured.

The Privacy Commission advises those that are unhappy about a Street View photograph to contact Google directly. There is a link on the Google Street View site for those with complaints or comments.

Google says that once a complaint has been lodged, every effort is made to ensure that the photo is modified as soon as possible. However, Google’s spokeswoman Tineke Meijerman is unable to specify how long this would take.

"First of all we check if the complaint is a joke.”

Ms Meijerman was unable to say how many complaints Google had received about its Street View site.