Police fire on drug courier on Antwerp Brussels motorway

Police opened fire on the vehicle a French drug courier travelling on the E19 motorway in the vicinity of Rumst (Antwerp) on Sunday night.

Antwerp is on the route favoured by drug couriers bound for France after they have purchased drugs in the Netherlands.

The police noticed a vehicle with suspicious French number plates travelling in the Antwerp neighbourhood. When they police attempted to stop the car, the driver sped off.

At Rumst a police officer used several shots to puncture the car's tires bringing the vehicle to a standstill. The driver was not in possession of any identity documents. Several kilos of cannabis were retrieved from his vehicle.

The drug courier has been detained and will appear before a judge in the course of Monday.

Antwerp police say that in recent weeks there has been a steep rise in the number of dangerous pursuits involving drug couriers.