"Police use anti-drink-drive equipment in the wrong way"

It has emerged that Belgian police are not using new anti-drink drive equipment properly. Recently new equipment called a Sampler was introduced.

The Sampler is used to measure the presence of alcohol in the air, e.g. in a car, but it appears that some police officers have been getting drivers to blow into the Sampler instead.

The Sampler should alert police officers to the presence of alcohol in the air in a driver's car. In this way time-consuming breathalyser tests can be avoided when they are not necessary.

Gert Cockx of the police union explains what has been happening: "Sometimes the Sampler gives a result that conflicts with the officer's impression. Drivers have then been asked to breathe into the Sampler's nozzle. Of course this shouldn’t be allowed to happen. It's the topic of much discussion among Belgian police officers at the moment."

It's unclear whether the results obtained in this novel way are valid or not. Belgium's new Transport Secretary Melchior Wathelet (Francophone Christian democrat) is staying mum, because he hasn't yet been properly briefed about the new equipment.