Ghent bureau de change raided - Woman kidnapped

A woman was taken hostage after armed raiders robbed the bureau de change she owns and runs in the centre of the East Flemish city of Ghent. The raiders took her with them in their getaway car and she was dumped 65 km away outside a bar in the West Flemish town of Menen.

There is as yet still no trace of the raiders. The woman was attacked at around 5:45pm on Friday when she went to her car that was parked near to the bureau de change on the Henegouwenstraat in Ghent city centre.

She had just shut up shop for the day. The woman was struck and kicked by her assailants who also threatened her with a firearm.

She was forced to return to the bureau de change and open the safe. The robbers emptied the safe before forcing the woman to accompany them to their getaway car.

She was driven 65 kilometres to the West Flemish town of Menen where she was dumped outside a bar, near to the French border.

There is still no trace of the raiders, although it is believed that they are probably in France.