Oscar nominated ‘Bullhead’ released early in US

The Flemish movie 'Bullhead' that has secured a nomination for the Oscars in the category 'Best Foreign Language Film’ is being released in the United States earlier than planned. The film that tackles the issue of the illegal use of growth hormones in Belgian meat production hits US box offices on 10 February.

The movie was only going to be released in the US in March.

Director Michaël R. Roskam and lead actor Matthias Schoenaerts travel to Los Angeles in February to promote the film. The two Flemings hope that their presence will stimulate interest in the movie and will be available for the chat shows.

The Iranian movie "A Separation" is the favourite in its category, but 'Bullhead' does stand a chance. "A Separation" won a Golden Globe Award and the statistics show that such a win is usually not repeated at the Oscars.

The Academy Awards are bestowed on 26 February.