Computer virus affects Finance Department

The computers of the Federal Finance Department are contaminated with a virus. The problems started on Thursday, and are still not under control this weekend. Due to the virus, the computers are working more slowly than usual, and sometimes they just shut down altogether.

Not only the computers at the federal department itself are concerned, but also the computers used in the smaller offices across the country.

Experts will try to solve the problem by Monday morning and to have the computer systems back to normal by then. The Finance Department employs some 26,000 civil servants who each have a personal computer to log in on the federal network. "A part of these 26,000 computers are affected", Francis Adyns of the Finance Department explains. "But this does not mean that these people can't do any work. The computers just go slower."

Mr Adyns adds that the personal data of the tax payers have never been in danger. It is not clear how the computers were contaminated.