Petrol price climbs to record high

Once again, the price of petrol or gasoline in Belgium will reach a record high. As from Tuesday, the top price for petrol will go up with another 2.6 eurocents, the federal government announced this morning.

The maximum price for euro 95 petrol will be 1.713 euros per litre. The top price for euro 98 petrol has been set at 1.733 euros per litre - also a rise of 2.6 eurocents.

This year, prices for petrol have only gone up. The previous record was only set 10 days ago. Petrol is getting more expensive because of the higher price for oil products on the international markets.

This is because of the increasing demand in emerging economies like India and China, and a smaller supply at the same time due to the revolts in Libya, Egypt and other Arab countries and the problems with Iran.