"I didn't think it was snazzy enough"

The Oscar for Ludovic Bource's soundtrack for the film 'The Artist' is great news for the Brussels Philharmonic and the Brussels Jazz Orchestra that recorded the music.

Jazz pianist Jef Neve was over the moon: "I'm very proud of the Brussels Philharmonic and the Brussels Jazz Orchestra. They are world class. I can share in their joy. I'm glad I form part of it."

Jef Neve hadn't expected the soundtrack to land an Oscar: "The music is challenging. It's an ode to slowness. I didn’t think the music was snazzy enough to win an Academy Award. In this sense it was a surprise."

The Brussels Jazz Orchestra plays the music for big band including "Peppy and George" that accompanies the lead actors in a tap dance. The soundtrack earlier won a BAFTA, a Golden Globe and a European Film Award. "The Oscar is the icing on the cake" says Frank Vaganée, the head of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra. "Musicians and management of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra are incredibly proud of their track record and they would like to thank everybody who contributed towards this production."