Clamp down on speeding in East and West Flanders

The provinces of East and West Flanders are marking Traffic Safety Day. The police are out in force in an attempt to track down speeding motorists.

Mobile speed cameras are in operation at 130 points across Flanders's historic heartland. Several hundred extra police officers are out and about today in an attempt to track down speeding motorists.

In contrast with the usual speed checks drivers will immediately be confronted with their anti-social behaviour.

"We are not only checking the speed, but we will also stop motorists who are speeding" says Luc Lacayse of the Federal Police. "Often it then appears that motorists are infringing other regulations too. They haven't been wearing a seat belt or their vehicle does not meet the specifications."

The Traffic Safety Day was launched following a massive pile up on the Ghent Kortrijk motorway sixteen years ago. Ten people died and 50 were injured.