'Male', 'female' and 'other'?

Çavaria, the umbrella of gay, lesbian and transgender organisations in Flanders, wants people to be able to tick a third box in addition to 'male' and 'female' when they are asked. The umbrella suggests that the third box should be labelled 'other'.

The practice already exists in Nepal and Australia. Çavaria says that these countries stand as an example for Belgium.

Transsexuals are women who become men or vice versa, but some people are also 'transgender'. These are men who feel that they are trapped in a woman's body or the reverse. Çavaria insists that some people don't feel at home in either identity or do feel at home in both.

Under Belgian law people who undergo a sex change are not allowed to have children. Çavaria says that many transgender people don't want to modify their bodies and certainly don't want to give up the prospect of having kids.

The umbrella suggests that a third box would be welcomed by many. In this way people could choose between 'male', 'female' or 'other'.

So far neither the Belgian nor the Flemish government has responded to the idea.