Mother confesses to having killed her baby

In Sint-Amands, in Antwerp province, the body of a baby of three months was been found in a dustcart yesterday. The body was discovered by policemen who had started a search after the infant had been reported missing. The mother of the baby confessed this morning that she killed her child.

The news of the discovery yesterday was announced by the judicial authorities in Mechelen (Antwerp province). The baby's body had been put in a plastic bag and was apparently collected by the dustcart during refuse collection.

The 29-year-old mother of the baby was taken in for questioning, together with the grandmother of the child, a girl of 2.5 months. The mother had informed the police in the morning that her child had gone missing.

The mother first declared that she was upstairs in the house when the baby went missing. When she came down, the infant was no longer in its cradle, she told investigators. The mother also claimed that the front door was open.

However, this morning, after hours of questioning, she confessed that she killed the child. She had been under too much strain lately, she explained. The woman is divorcing and she couldn't handle it anymore. The grandmother was with her when she killed the child and is thought to have disposed of the body. She has also been arrested and remains in custody. Both are suspected of murder.

Today, an autopsy showed that the baby died because of suffocation. This is in line with what the mother confessed.