10 million child porn files on suspect's computers

A psychiatric nurse from Asse in Flemish Brabant is suspected of abusing dozens of boys in Belgium and abroad. Detectives who seized his computers discovered no fewer than ten million files containing child pornography.

The suspect, a 53-year-old, was detained two months ago and is suspected of child abuse on a massive scale. The suspect is single and works in a hospital in Grimbergen as a psychiatric nurse.

He is thought to have sexually abused five Belgian boys. He is also believed to have abused children in Poland and Brazil. In Brazil the Belgian is thought to have claimed 13 victims. The photographs of the five alleged Belgian suspects have been sent to all Belgian police services.

Two months ago when the nurse was detained detectives visited the hospital where he had been working. Director Godfried Vanbueren: "The hospital was searched including the nurse's office. That was the point at which we were informed."

The suspect was immediately suspended. At the time he was working with adult patients, not with children.

Belgian police were tipped off by their Brazilian colleagues. The nurse had been on holiday to Brazil and had abused several street children. Several children filed a complaint and the nurse ended up in custody.

The nurse was freed awaiting his trial. It's at this point that he fled to Belgium. The Brazilian police tipped off their Belgian colleagues triggering the present investigation.

Detectives have booked significant headway. They recovered millions of computer files with child porn content. The files were contained on computers that the suspect kept at his parents' home. The files also show child abuse and writings detailing child abuse. The images prove that Belgian children too have been abused.