Shortage of vital drugs at chemists

More and more people are complaining that they are unable to get hold of vital drugs via their local chemist. The shortage is due to the fact wholesalers prefer to export their medicines to countries where the drugs are more expensive.

Even AIDS patients are experiencing difficulty getting hold of their drugs in time. Placing an early order seems to be the best advice.

Chemists have confirmed that they are facing difficulties obtaining certain essential drugs including medicines that help to thin the blood or stop the progress of the AIDS virus.

Wholesalers prefer to sell abroad where they can make a tidy profit. Here at home drug prices are set by the federal government.

The exports are legitimate because Belgium forms part of the European Single Market, but doctors believe that it's unethical to treat vital drugs as an ordinary commodity.

They point to the need for drug treatments not to be interrupted as is the case with AIDS patients. Interruptions can lead to complications.