"I had a good feeling from the start"

In football, Dutchman Adrie Koster, the former coach of Club Bruges, will be at the helm of Beerschot as from next season. Koster is happy with his new job and signed a two-year contract in Antwerp. Adrie Koster succeeds Jacky Mathijssen, who was dismissed a couple of weeks ago.

57-year-old Adrie Koster built a solid reputation with his offensive tactics earlier this season with FC Bruges, one of Belgium's big clubs. However, his defensive tactics were not always up to standards. Bruges lost too many points and Koster was dismissed. Attractive football, yes, but too few good results, the Bruges management argued.

Koster is now getting a second chance in Belgium. Beerschot has had financial problems and is not doing too well in the Belgian league. The ambitious club - Beerschot is the only team playing in the top flight in a big city like Antwerp - hopes that Koster will close the gap with the top-6. Beerschot Chairman Patrick Vannoppen says Koster stands for "physical, modern and intelligent" football.