PM Di Rupo's motorbike escort ready to strike

Police from the Motorbike Brigade have announced strike action. They say that they are unhappy because they have to spend too much of their time escorting dignitaries like Prime minister Elio Di Rupo at a time when the brigade is understaffed.

The motorbike police also have complaints about the state of their equipment. The strike is supposed to start on 5 May. How Mr Di Rupo and his ilk will get to the airport safety without the customary motorbike escort is unclear.

A member of the brigade told the daily Het Laatste Nieuws: "There are 27 inspectors too few. At the same time we see ourselves carrying out these pointless escorts for PM Elio Di Rupo and a whole string of foreign dignitaries. We're not taking it any longer."

Mario Thys of the NSPV police union: "Two officers are earmarked for Mr Di Rupo's escort from 7AM to 5 PM every day."

The officers of the Motorbike Brigade are also unhappy about their equipment that they claim "has seen better days":

"Equipment used to draw up police reports breaks down all the time. Abolishing night shifts from Sunday night to Thursday night also endangers the security of colleagues and the public at large."