Sexual harassment: "It happens as much as it always did"

Researchers at Leuven University say that the figures show that sexual harassment happens as much today as it ever did.

Business psychologist Elfi Baillien: "Our figures regarding the number of employees who are confronted with this phenomenon don't show any movement over the years."

"It is the case that when one person comes forward and tells his or her story, then others will get the courage to speak up."

"It’s hard to measure sexual harassment. It's always underestimated in the figures. Many people don't dare to mention it. Our questionnaires filled in anonymously in businesses don't show any increase or decrease."

"It's also difficult to identify when somebody is the victim of sexual harassment. It can start with bawdy humour. But then it goes further and it becomes hard to decide when something is no longer 'fun' and turns into undesired behaviour."

"Sexual harassment also involves an element of power. It's not always the boss. Sometimes it's people who have been working there for a long time, who know a lot of people and don't fear losing their job."

"Sexual harassment often occurs when there is an imbalance: when several women end up in a male-dominated environment or the reverse."

Elfi Baillien says that men too can be victims of sexual harassment.