RNW.NL: Belgians fear consequences of new Dutch weed pass

The new Dutch weed pass has focused attention on drug tourism in the Netherlands. Radio Netherlands Worldwide too was keen to report the ramifications that the weed pass will have in Belgium and the response from Belgian police.

The Belgian authorities fear that the new Dutch 'weed pass' law will lead to an increase in marijuana cultivation in their country. The law prohibits the sale of soft drugs to foreign tourists and coffee shops are only allowed to sell marijuana and hashish to Dutch residents if they have a special pass.

The law went into effect on Tuesday, but it only applies to the south of the Netherlands. It will go into effect in all coffee shops across the Netherlands in 1 January 2013.

Belgian police believe the new law will lead to the cultivation of marijuana to meet demand from locals and from foreigners travelling through Belgium. Belgian police have now stepped up controls along the Dutch-Belgian border.

Watch the video produced by Radio Netherlands Worldwide.