Mr De Wever launches unprecedented attack on the media

The leader of Belgium's largest political party, Flemish nationalist leader Bart De Wever says that the Belgian press is swiftly losing all credibility. Mr De Wever maintains that people today vilify the media.

The Flemish nationalist leader believes that the media are swiftly losing their credibility: "The media are being spat out. Nobody dares to say it. They are all scared."

"The media have an enormous problem. There's not a dog that believes them anymore. If they were to step outside, they would notice it."

Mr De Wever was speaking with the website

With reference to the recent allegations about sexual harassment at the Flemish public broadcaster, Mr De Wever says: "I just notice that a man is accused live on television and immediately found guilty."

"They (the media) think they are directing society, but they are very wrong."

Mr De Wever is not optimistic about the future of the media unless they themselves make changes. He doesn't believe that this is a job for the authorities but adds: "As a politician you can say it stops here. I'm not going along with this."