A copy or not? Judge for yourself!

Beer brewer Alken-Maes is taking beer rivals AB InBev to court because the new look of a can of Jupiler Blue "is almost an entire" copy of the can designed by Alken-Maes. AB InBev denies this, arguing that the "colour and print are clearly different."

AB InBev recently launched a new type of can for its Jupiler Blue beers. The can resembles an earlier design by rivals Alken-Maes a lot, mainly due to the colour. Blue is the typical colour which has been used by Alken-Maes for years, opposed to red for Jupiler. Alken-Maes even took out a patent on the blue colour in 2006.

Alken-Maes is now taking the matter to court. The beer brewer wants to avoid that "even more Belgian beer drinkers will get confused." Alken-Maes claims to have received different complaints of consumers who bought the wrong can. "They accidentally buy an alcohol-low Jupiler Blue, while they were looking forward to a tasty and distinctive Maes."

Disbelief at AB InBev

Alken-Maes now demands that beer giants AB InBev adapt their design, in order to allow consumers to make a clear distinction. However, AB InBev has reacted with disbelief. They don't think anyone can claim a monopoly on the look of a beer can.

"Lots of other beer brands are also using blue as their dominant colour", a statement says, adding that their "print and colour are clearly different" from Alken-Maes cans.