18% of youngsters suffer hearing disorder

Research from Antwerp University claims that nearly one in five Flemish youngsters are suffering from the hearing disorder tinnitus as a result of listening to loud music or listening to music for excessively long periods of time.

Eighty percent of youngsters say that they suffer from a ringing in their ears from time to time as a result of loud music.

Antwerp University's Paul Van de Heyning claims that 18% of Flemish youth suffer from tinnitus. This is a continuous ringing in the ear.

It's above all after a night out that young people complain of a ringing in the ears. Doctors recommend wearing earplugs at parties or at venues where loud music is played. Some 5% of youngsters are currently believed to use earplugs.

There is no cure for tinnitus. The youngsters will have to live with the ringing in their ears for their entire lives.