"250 euros if you spot a burqa"

The organisation 'Steden tegen Islamisering' (Cities against Islamisation), a body chaired by Vlaams Belang supremo Filip Dewinter, is offering a prize of 250 euros for anybody spotting a woman wearing a burqa.

A burqa is a garment that covers the entire body only revealing the eyes and sometimes worn by Muslim women. Covering the face entirely in public in banned under Belgian law.

Far right politician Filip Dewinter: "The fuss in Molenbeek in recent days has shown that Muslims are intimidating the police and citizens alike. We hope that the prize will encourage people to do their civil duty so that the police can't look the other way."

"The burqa may not be allowed to become a garment like any other. It is a walking prison made from textiles. It is the suit of armour in which radical Muslims are going to war."

People spotting a burqa who contact the police qualify for the prize. If the police respond to the report you can receive a one-off 250 euro payment.

Mr Dewinter denied that the payment would lead to a witch hunt. Asked whether setting up a helpline and offering the prize was legal, he conceded that it was quite likely that legal obstacles could be found if people looked, but he insisted that the aim was to draw attention to the issue and to ensure that people don't accept the practice of wearing the burqa.

"Doing nothing is not an option. I notice that it's quite all right when a French businessman pays the fine meted out to two women convicted of wearing a burqa in public. Nobody says anything about that."