Drug use peaks on Christian holidays

Research from Antwerp University shows that in 2010 drug use in Brussels was at its height on a number of Christian holidays. Drug use peaked on Easter weekend and Christmas and also on New Year's Eve.

Scientists came to this unholy conclusion after analysing water from the capital's sewers. In the body cocaine and XTC are turned into metabolites that end up in the sewerage system via our loos. The results show lowest use during the working week with surges at the weekend.

On New Year's Eve XTC use is up five-fold. Cocaine use is up three-fold.

Levels of heroine and methamphetamine in the capital’s sewerage are negligible.

The present research shows that drug use in Brussels is up to three times lower than in Antwerp. In Brussels 500 milligrams of drugs are used per thousand inhabitants. This works out at around five doses per thousand people. In Antwerp there were 15 doses.