Financial crisis has no effect on Belgian millionaires

The number of dollar millionaires in Belgium rose more than the worldwide average last year. That's according to the World Wealth Report compiled by Capgemini and RBC Wealth. The rise is despite the lingering economic woes in the euro area.

It seems that the crisis hardly has any impact on the rich. On a global scale, the number of dollar millionaires peaked in 2011, climbing from 10.8 million to 11.0 million people who have a fortune of at least a million dollars, not taking into account the value of their home residence.

Global figures show a rise of 0.8 percent, but in Belgium the number of dollar millionaires saw a 1.7 percent increase, climbing from 75,600 to 77,000. This puts Belgium well above the global average. According to estimations, some 1 percent of the Belgian millionaires or 770 people have a fortune of at least 30 million dollars, which puts them in the category of "super rich".