8 to 11 years for leaders of a terrorist group

In Brussels, six Muslims have been found guilty of charges related to terrorism. The leaders of the gang received 11 and 8 years' imprisonment, others were given penalties up to 5 years. The suspects spread messages of hatred and were talking about possible bomb attacks in Belgium, judges argued.
The press was not welcome in the court room.

7 people had to defend themselves against charges of terrorism. All of them had links with a radical mosque in Molenbeek, Brussels. One of them also travelled to Iraq to take part in the "Holy War" against the West a couple of years ago.

When he returned, he and his friends tried to convince other Muslims to take up the arms and take part in the war. For that purpose, they used a website, spreading messages of hatred. During tapped telephone conversations, they talked about bomb attacks in Belgium. The court found this unacceptable, and decided to inflict heavy punishments.

The lawyer of one of the leaders was not too preoccupied. He told reporters that his client is presently in Syria, fighting the Assad regime, and suggested the court to arrest his client there.

One suspect was cleared of all charges. According to the court, he does have extremist ideas, but he was involved in the gang's activities.