German motorist caught at a speed of 280 km/h

A German car driver has been caught speeding on a Motorway near the city of Charleroi. This would normally not make the headlines, except in this case, as according to the police, the man was driving 280 kilometres per hour. This has to come close to the fastest speed ever recorded by a speeding camera on Belgian roads.
Police in Wallonia have stepped up speeding checks (archive photo).

Police spotted the German car on the E42 Motorway in Fleurus, Wallonia, near Charleroi. Police equipment registered a speed of 280 kilometres per hour, or just over 174 miles per hour. On Belgian motorways, a speed limit applies of 120 km/h, or 74.5 MPH.

Police have stepped up the number of checks on Walloon roads in recent months and years. In that period, three drivers were caught at a speed of more than 250 km/h.

When driving 280 km/h, a distance of 456 metres or almost half a kilometre is needed to bring the vehicle to a standstill when the road is dry. On a wet surface, this is 683 metres, the Belgian Road Safety Institute explains. "At that speed, you have no chance to survive an accident. The smallest distraction can be fatal. The difference in speed with other motorists poses another danger."