More laser incidents reported in Belgian airspace

Last year there was a steep rise in the number of incidents reported when lasers were shone at pilots in Belgian airspace. Last year 136 incidents were reported. In 2010 the figure was only 80. The year before that only 5 cases were reported.

Shining a laser at an airplane can have disastrous consequences and is banned by law. Since 2010 pilots have been urged to report each and every incident.

The light from a laser lamp can cover an enormous distance and from the ground also reach airplanes in flight. Shining a laser lamp into a cockpit can distract and even blind a pilot.

Belgium's Directorate-General for Aviation says that so far not a single passenger has ever been in any danger in Belgian airspace as a result of such an incident.

Belgian police take such incidents seriously. Each reported case is investigated and an attempt is made to identify the culprit. An officer of the federal police's Air Support Unit is responsible for ensuring that such cases receive a follow-up.