"This is normal summer weather"

Belgium's august Royal Meteorological Institute, the Ukkel based KMI, says that the weather we have been having so far in July is "completely normal". The Met Office has closely examined the weather of the first ten days of this summer month.

So far this July the sun shone 46 hours. This is less than the usual 62 hours, but the difference is well within the margin of what is considered normal for Belgium in July.

Average temperature did not exceed 18 degrees Celsius (64.4 Fahrenheit) and that too is lower than usual. Although the guys and lasses in Ukkel will probably disagree rainfall levels do seem somewhat abnormal with nearly twice the usual amount of rainfall so far this month. Long range forecasts do not predict a sudden reversal of our meteorological conditions, so it seems unlikely that a bone dry second half of the month will balance the figures.