Passengers hoist new clock onto Ghent railway station

Weary Belgian rail passengers took matters into their own hands in Ghent on Thursday and hung up a new clock in the Ghent Dampoort railway Station. The passengers took the step to protest against the fact that a broken clock hadn't been replaced in seven weeks' time.

It was a truck that crashed into the clock that originally did the damage, but for the past seven weeks no steps have been taken to repair the clock or replace it. Fed up commuters used a rope to raise their new clock into position. They also handed out confectionary watches to surprised passengers.

Sven Taeldeman of the passengers group 'Train passengers 5 to 8': "I'm a last minute passenger. When my train leaves at 7:56, I arrive at 7:53. The trick is working things out to the very last minute."

Rail track operator Infrabel that is also responsible for the stations said that it didn't have any plans to replace the clock due to austerity measures, but would now revisit its decision.