SPECS speeding checks result in fines around the clock

East Flemish traffic police say that the new SPECS system of tracking down speeding motorists is a success. SPECS is a system that uses speed cameras to measure the average speed over a certain distance.

The system is now in use on the Antwerp Ghent Motorway. It has allowed East Flemish police to issue 19,269 fines. This works out at 26 fines an hour.

The SPECS cameras were installed two years ago, but checks on motorists at the Gentbrugge viaduct only started on 8 June. The system measures the average speed over a distance of 1,889 metres - just over an imperial mile.

During a first month 19,269 police reports were drawn up. Since the system was taken into service it has carried out checks around the clock. Only for three minutes during this period were the results deemed to be invalid. That was when a leap second was added to the Common Era. As a precaution the SPECS system was turned off for three minutes.