Why didn't speed cameras function for two years?

It has emerged that seven speed cameras on the A12 Antwerp Brussels motorway haven't been working for two years. It was Flemish nationalist Senator Liesbeth Holemans who quizzed Interior Minister Joëlle Milquet (Francophone Christian democrat) for the details.

Ms Milquet claims that the seven speed cameras on the motorway didn't yield a single traffic fine in 2010 or 2011 because the cameras were not in operation for two years.

Joëlle Milquet explained that this was because of technical problems, but this is being denied by the Flemish Roads and Traffic Agency that is responsible for the operation of speed cameras on Flemish roads.

Ilse Luypaerts: "During the past two years the speed cameras experienced more than their share of technical problems. As a result they were out of action for a number of periods but this did not total a full two years".

The Flemish Roads and Traffic Agency says that the speed cameras didn't work because they are operated using rolls of film and these needed to be replaced. Federal Traffic Police meanwhile decided to give priority to digital speed cameras. The traffic police failed to replace the rolls of film and as a result speed cameras that could be in operation did not take any photos.

A spokeswoman from the Federal Police lays the blame elsewhere. Tine Hollevoet told VRT News that the speed cameras could no longer be used because they had not been calibrated: “Only two of 14 cameras on the motorway are operational because the others haven’t been sanctioned and their evidence cannot be used in law.”

The two speed cameras located in Breendonk that could be used are not being employed as the Federal Police decided to give priority to digital cameras and not to other forms of keeping tabs on motorists.