Will wind turbines save our cod?

Scientists at Ghent University have revealed that wind farms in the North Sea are playing a role in the restocking of cod reserves. Cod numbers in the North Sea have fallen dramatically in recent years, but if the scientists are right wind farms like the Belgian one on the Thornton bank are now helping to replenish cod stocks.

Since 2008 Gent scientists have been monitoring the impact of the wind farm on fish stocks. Sponges, polyps and mussels that all provide food for the fish grow in abundance on the foundations of the wind turbines.

It's above all pout whiting of the cod family that is thriving, but plaice and goatfish too are on the rebound. In recent months young cod too have been sighted swimming around the wind turbine foundations.

The findings are good news for those concerned with the depletion of North Sea fish stocks. Despite the restrictions imposed by the European Union to protect against overfishing fish stocks have fallen dramatically in recent years.