Olympic circus train at full speed

Last Friday and Saturday were marked as red days around the Olympic park, because more than 200.000 supporters were expected to go to the different venues (the Olympic stadium was used for the first time after the opening ceremony, adding 80,000 people to the crowd in the Olympic park, as the other sports continued as before). Was the traffic system going to cope with that amount of people? Was the security check at the venues going to delay everything? The VRT's Tijs Mauroo reports.


The system has been working fine, I have to say, and it still does. All kinds of media have been used to inform people about where and when any traffic problems were expected: mail, apps on the mobile phones, radio, television, etc … .

And when you are underway, you are being kept up to date. Some tube trains were and are crowded, of course, but that is not a surprise, really. Compare it to the Brussels tube at 8 a.m. on a Monday morning … .

If you look at the images on TV you can see huge crowds of people walking around the Olympic park, queuing as well at the venues and the food and drink stalls, but there’s one difference with a Monday morning queue: people want to be here and expect these kinds of delays, they accept them and don’t complain about it.

Security at venue entrances

Remarkably enough, the effect of the security measurements is hardly visible. Everyone entering a venue, from volunteer, supporter, referee to journalist has to go through a security check. It’s identical to what happens at an airport, including removing your laptop from your bag, etc … . And again, it works ! No real delays there. I have to say that it all surprises me. Compared to the stories told a few months ago, it’s all going smoothly.

One week to go, hope things remain as they are!