Watchdogs meet to discuss Doel reactor crack

A meeting of the nuclear watchdogs of several European countries and the US is being held in Brussels today. The meeting was called after possible cracks were discovered during routine maintenance work on reactor 3 at the Doel nuclear power station in East Flanders. The Belgian nuclear watchdog FANC contacted its counterparts in all other countries that have reactors built (in part) by the same company that worked on the reactor at Doel.

The tank inside the reactor at Doel was supplied by the Dutch company Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij. A total of 22 nuclear reactors across the world have reactor tanks that were supplied by the same company.

The majority are to be found in the United States and a representative of the US nuclear watchdog is also attending the meeting. Representatives of the European Commission are also in attendance as are representatives of seven European nuclear control agencies.

The will listen to a talk on the technical aspects of the Doel site given by its owner and operator Electrabel, after which they will exchange information and ideas.

On the basis of this, each country will decide whether its nuclear power stations are safe enough to continue operating.