Jean Lambrecks launches a complaint against Michelle Martin

Jean Lambrecks, the father of Eefje, one of the victims of the Belgian paedophile and child killer Marc Dutroux, has taken legal action against Dutroux' ex-wife Michelle Martin and the Arme Klaren convent in Malonne that will accommodate her once she leaves prison.

Until now, the parents of the girls that were abducted and killed by Marc Dutroux have hardly received any financial compensation from Michelle Martin who was convicted for her part in the case as a member of the Dutroux gang as she acted as one of Dutroux' accomplices. She was sentenced to paying 179,000 euros to the victims.

Lambrecks suspects that Martin made special arrangements to make sure that an inheritance from her mother was passed on directly to her children to avoid that she had to pay a financial compensation.

Martin had her house, jewels and shares passed on to her children through a special construction, Mr Lambrecks suspects. "That's the way things are looking now", his lawyer Joris Vercraeye told reporters. "This probably goes back to 2000 or 2001, when she was already in gaol awaiting the trial. She knew however that she would have to pay damages. If you act with the aim of dodging taxes, then this raises questions."

Mr Lambrecks is also filing a complaint against the sisters of the convent of Malonne, arguing that they cooperated in the whole construction.