Ostend to ban bare chests in city centre?

The local elections are in the offing and Alderwoman for the Hospitality Industry Martine Lesaffer from Ostend has certainly come up with a proposal that has grabbed the headlines. The alderwoman wants to stop people from walking about in the city centre without a shirt or a T-shirt. She is not enamored my tourists who stroll downtown displaying their bare chest.

Martine Lesaffer: "In recent days many Ostenders have come up to me and said they are cheesed off with the bare male chests some tourists expose in the pedestrian precinct of the inner city. You are welcome in Ostend, but, crikey, wear a T-shirt!"

"Recently there was an incident at a pavement cafe near the main square. People asked a gentleman in a friendly fashion if he couldn't put something on, but he told them he had set out in the morning and didn't have anything of the sort with him."

"Where will this end if people with a bare chest run around all over the place, sit themselves down anywhere for a meal or a drink or go into shops?"

"I am not a prude, but in our society we have become too tolerant. As a child I had to wear a T-shirt. The police used to raise the matter with people, but I haven't been able to find the by-law."

"Just to be clear: I don't mind people on the prom getting an ice cream in their swimming trunks, but surely not in the city centre."

"What is the point of Theatre at the Seaside, a festival with an international reputation, if some streets resemble scenes from a popular Flemish soap?"