August 2012 was hotter and more thundery than usual

August 2012 was a sunny month with average temperatures one degree Celsius higher than usual, but the month was also particularly thundery.

Average daytime temperature in August 2012 stood at 19.2°C. That compares with 18°C in an average year. The average high for August 2012 was 24.3°C. The usual average is 22.6° C. The average low this year stood at 14.3° C and that too is higher than the usual average of 13.6°C.

The sun shone for 218 hours and 51 minutes. Compare this with the usual average of 189 hours and 32 minutes.

It rained on 12 days in August 2012. Normally it rains on 15 days in an average Belgian August. Rainfall levels were down too with only 22.5 mm recorded compared with the normal average of 79.3 mm. Thunderstorms struck on 20 days in August and that is more than the usual 14 in an average August.