Picqué: “Belgium is an illusion”

The Head of the Greater Brussels regional government Charles Picqué (Francophone socialist) has said in an interview with Belgium’s French-language public broadcaster RTBF that Francophone politicians should not abandon their so-called “Plan B”. The existence of a “Plan B”, drawn up for the event that Flanders should unilaterally decide to leave Belgium, was first mooted during the almost one and a half year long federal coalition talks.

Speaking on the topical interview programme ‘Le Grand Oral’, Mr Picqué warned of the end of Belgium.

Mr Picqué added “Too many Francophones aren’t interested in making preparations for the end of Belgium. It could all happen much more quickly than is generally presumed.”

The Head of the bi-lingual Brussels regional government believes that some Francophones live under the illusion that they can save Belgium no matter what.

However, Mr Picqué was keen to point out that his party, the PS, still has its “Plan B” if need be.

“We shouldn’t forget that the N-VA (Flemish nationalist party) polls 40% in Flanders and will probably provide the next Flemish Prime Minister.”'

Charles Picqué added that the Francophones fall into two camps: “those that still live under the illusion that they can save the country and those that no longer believe that Belgium has a future, but don’t dare to prepare for its demise.”

Mr Picqué believes that Flanders leaving Belgium could all happen more quickly than is generally believed.

“Economic reality could push Flanders in the direction of autonomy.”

The Francophone socialist concluded by calling on the Francophone parties to come together after the local elections on 14 October to work on a plan of action for what to do in the event of Flanders declaring independence.