"We're as fat as the British!"

A survey commissioned by VRT Television has revealed that over half of all Flemish men are too fat.

Analysis of body mass index figures revealed that a full 52% of Flemish men carry excessive weight and have a BMI (body mass index) over 25. Many Flemish women are overweight too, but their plight isn't as bad as that of men. Among Flemish women 36% are overweight.

Prof Bart Van der Schueren of Leuven University Hospital: "The figures are very similar to those published by the Scientific Institute for Public Health in 2008. The figures are comparable to those of the UK."

The survey also revealed that as a rule women think they are fatter than they are. Men too think that women are often fatter than they are. Men also think that they are slimmer than they are!

The results confirm the link between age and BMI. At a young age it's easy to lose weight. This becomes more difficult as we age and our metabolism slows down.

The survey was carried out among 80,000 people.