Scanners help catch road tax dodgers

Thanks to the use of number plate scanners, the Flemish taxation service Vlabel has caught 7,200 motorists that had failed to pay their road over the past year. The tracking down of road tax dodgers earned the regional coffers an extra 2 million euro.

The Vlabel’s initial investment in the number plate scanners has been more than recouped.
Figures released recently by the Flemish Finance Minister Philippe Muyters (nationalist) show that over the past year inspectors have caught 7,200 drivers that hadn’t paid their road tax and were able to recoup around 2 million euros in revenue that would otherwise have been lost.

The five scanners were purchased last year at a cost of 30,000 euro each. The scanners are able to read number plates and check within second whether road tax has been paid for the vehicle in question.

Those than haven’t paid are also fined. Revenue from such fines total half a million euro.

Mr Muyters told journalists that "A quarter of a million vehicles were checked last year.”

Mr Muyters also believes that the checks act as a deterrent as a fall has been noticed in the number of road tax dodgers since the scanners were first deployed.