Three Flemish unis in world Top 200

Three Flemish universities feature in the prestigious list of top world universities published by the London Times newspaper. Leuven and Ghent universities already featured on the list called The Time Higher Education World University Ranking. Antwerp University has now also made this Top 200 for a first time.

Belgium is among a small set of West European countries including the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland that are going against the general trend and have been able to strengthen their position on this list.

Antwerp University enters the ranking on the 192nd spot. Leuven University remains the highest ranking Belgian university. It rises from 67th to 58th position. Ghent University too has improved its position and is on 93 instead of 106. The Walloon university Université Catholique de Louvain features on the 164th spot.

In a ranking of European universities Leuven is in 13th place, Ghent in 31st position and Antwerp on the 81st spot. Leuven performed best in the fields Arts & Humanities, Clinical, Pre-Clinical & Health and Engineering & Technology. Ghent outperforms Leuven in Life Sciences.