Belgian diplomat suspected of spying for Russia

A Belgian diplomat has been charged with spying for the Russians. The diplomat allegedly maintained secret contacts with the Russians for 25 years. He has been suspended "in the interests of the Belgian state" and the federal judicial authorities have started an investigation.
The former Belgian embassy in Tokyo.

The diplomat worked at a number of places including Tokyo (photo), Lagos, Algiers, New York and Copenhagen. The Belgian State Security Service discovered that the man had frequent contacts with Russian spies at these different locations. Some media report that he supplied information that could be used by Russian spies to make false ID documents.

The Belgian Intelligence Service reported the case to the Belgian Foreign Office. The man has now been suspended, and the federal judicial authorities also started an investigation. The diplomat is facing charges of spying, passive corruption and breach of the duty of  professional confidentiality. However, the man never received any cash or bribes, it is assumed. 

The suspect denies the charges, saying he never leaked any information to the Russians.

It's not often that Belgium has a case of possible spying. Spying is often associated with the Cold War, but Intelligence Services claim that there are as many spies in Brussels nowadays as before the fall of the Berlin Wall.